Time to Move Home

Vendor-Tech, the blog, is moving home to Vendor-Tech.com, the website.

The original plan was that Vendor-Tech.com, the website, would be for paying members of Vendor-Tech.  Vendor-Tech was to be a membership based virtual networking, or mastermind, group focused on technology and operations.

Vendor-Tech, the blog, was a way to a) experiment with blogging and b) a way to put the more timely content sent to Vendor-Tech members out in the open for anyone who wanted it.  The plan was to monetize that with Google Adsense and the occasional affiliate sale.'

So having earned an inspiring $0.04 in Adsense revenue and with only a handful of subscribers (most of which I’m convinced must be relatives), I’ve decided that maintain both sites isn’t worth the effort.

Thus Vendor-Tech, the blog, is moving home to Vendor-Tech.com, the website.

Since Vendor-Tech.com, the website, is based on Drupal, adding the blog consisted of turning on the blog option (and “discovering” where I went wrong with permissions since there is still members only content on the site).

Thanks to Feedburner, my relatives will still get the feeds (great benefit of Feedburner).

All the posts (I think) got moved automatically.  I know of at least one post with a problem in its embedded link, if you find more, please let me know.

I get one less site to maintain content on.

Vendor-Tech.com, the website, gets the SEO benefits of having a blog.

You can still get the great (at least I think so) content.

Everyone wins.

(cross posted on both sites).